Child Abduction Prevention

Human trafficking , kidnapping and vehicle abductions are a real and global issue. Very few people have the specific training on how to not only avoid but physically escape these situations.

Our course is dedicated to anti-abduction training for children ages 8-15. In just a few hours they will learn life saving skills and participate in real life scenarios.

  • Vehicle Abductions
  • Home Invasion
  • Anti–abduction
  • Communication Drills
  • SAE IT Drills (Scream Attack Escape)
  • “Circle Of Security” Instruction
  • Simulated 911 Calls
  • Kidnapping Defense
  • Advanced Child Special Striking
  • Bully & Confidence Scenarios
  • Apply Their Skill Against Bad Guys (Scenarios)

2 Hour Workshop $75 Per Adult and 1 Child.
For large groups or privates please call for pricing and payment info.