Active Shooter Response Plan

  • Created to be effectively taught in a short amount of time no matter what experience you have.
  • Created by a seasoned Deputy Sheriff / City police officer with active shooter training.
  • “Critical window” training focused on the initial moment the shooting starts to when the shooter is stopped or the Police arrive.
  • The program comes with professional step by step manuals and a DVD.
  • The C.O.B.R.A. Active Shooter plan is an international training curriculum taught around the world.
  • Along with our Active Shooter Training we include non-firearm Active Assailant Training. It addresses how to effectively deal with an assailant that is using a knife or weapons other than a gun.

Who Is The Active Shooter/Assailant & Campus Intruder Response Plan For?



Courses are available for:

  • Private & Public School Boards
  • Corporations / Businesses
  • Churches
  • Hospital
  • Custom Training Events
  • Instructor Training

Please call for information on pricing.