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  • Hi, I am Gina, your Cobra Chicago Certified Self-Defense Instructor. My passion is to spread awareness about self-defense and to educate people on how to protect themselves. On average, it takes 8-11 minutes after a 911 call for the authorities to arrive at the scene. That’s why I am here to train you to be your own first responder!

    My group workshops and personal training will leave you educated, prepared and empowered to be able to better defend yourself if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. COBRA Self-Defense has a variety of curriculums and I can personalize any session to meet your specific goals. I host workshops at a location in Wilmette or I can can come on site to your home, office or school. The workshops are for any size groups including one on one personal training sessions. Workshops are held a few times a month or you can call to schedule your own time!

    A little about me: I am a mother, a wife and a big animal lover, having been a veterinary technician in my prior career. Prior to becoming a Certified COBRA Self-Defense Instructor, I trained in various martial arts including Krav Maga and Taekwondo (2nd degree black belt) and also owned and operated a kickboxing gym. Now, I am dedicated to teaching the COBRA Self-Defense System to in order to help others build  skills and confidence to know that they can protect themselves and their family in a variety of circumstances.

    It’s important to remember that you cannot rely on others to save you when you are in a threatening situation and simply hoping it never happens to you is not a plan. You must invest in your safety by taking the time to learn the physical and mental tools of self-defense so that you can be your own hero.

  • As Seen In

    St. Petersburg Times, The Oregonian, Daily Herald, The St Augusta Chronicle

    C.O.B.R.A.™ Is A Police Academy For Civilians

    Combining experience in law enforcement, close quarter combat techniques, martial arts & the psychology of criminal intent the Combat Objective Battle Ready Applications, or C.O.B.R.A.™, self-defense system is a 10 Week Academy designed to be highly effective in real world situations where your survival is on the line.

    Ex-street cop, sheriff and corrections officer, Joe Lewis-blackbelt, school owner, author and C.O.B.R.A.™ founder Chris Sutton has written the book (literally) on the pyschology of self-defense. This is not simply a collection of "cool moves," but a complete system covering both the mental and physical aspects of self-defense with a unique emphasis on scenario training.

    Our Mission Is To Make EVERYONE Safer

    Everyone deserves to improve their security. No matter your age, gender, or level of expertise.

    There is no martial protocol. No uniforms. No belts. No bowing. This is a "Police Academy For Civilians."

    Avoid conflict in the first place and keep in control when conflict is unavoidable -- when most people mentally and physically shut down. C.O.B.R.A.™ is an eye-opening and rewarding experience for students.

    Self-Defense Myth-Busting

    Amazingly, from kindergarten through high school and college, we are never required to learn self-defense. We then dedicate ourselves to developing our careers.

    Most of us, therefore, go our entire life never considering self-defense until the very moment we need it. And by then it's too late.

    The myths we see on tv and in movies make up the core of most people's training. We think having a cell phone or a firearm, for example, is all the protection we need. We are wrong.

    C.O.B.R.A.™ is an eye-opening experience.

    Included C.O.B.R.A.™ self-defense material.

    What's Included

    The Training

    • Survival Skills
    • Close Quarter Combat
    • Escapes
    • Strikes
    • Scenario Training
    • Weapons
    • Assertiveness
    • Confidence
    • Deadly Force Situations
    • Psychology of Defense
    • Stranger Awareness
    • Abductions


    • Orientation
    • C.O.B.R.A.™ Training Manual
    • C.O.B.R.A.™ T-Shirt
    • Graduation Certificate
    • C.O.R.E. Classes